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Miami Sunrise

The Sunrise Home is finished with over 14 LED and LCD TV's and a 32" Sunbrite TV out by the pool. A complete Cinema is installed along with Video Distribution from ZeeVee TV for Globo TV from Brazil. The home is completely automated by using Control4 equipment. Everything in this house was retrofited by us. This is the Cinema.

This TV wasn't there nor was the wiring when we started the job. We ran all new wiring from the Laundry down into the bottom floor through 6" of reinforced concrete then back up through an HVAC closet accross the ceiling area to the back of the fireplace. We then had to cutout the sheetrock only to find out that there was a block wall with solid concrete poured into the cavities. We cutout a 3' hole in that wall reinforced with new blocking thus making a window. all this to fish the wires to an old Wood Stire box then back upto the 55" LED Samsung. All automated with Control4.

The outside of this house has some great views, just off of Biscayne Bay. This house has a canal out back with a beautiful pool and a 32" SunBrite TV under the Palms. All you need is a cool drink!

In the family room, the room was a blank wall. Absolutely nothing on the wall and no equipment. We first wired 8 Zones of Audio to the area, plus a surround sound system for that room. All this is controlled by Control4 to create an ease of operation.

This beautiful in South Miami has music welcoming all the guest. As you walk up the stairs listen to the background music envelop you as you sit down and enkoy and wonder where it is coming from.
Look in the planter! We hid them in the plants and flowers.


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